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Manifold Release 9

The World's Fastest and Most Powerful GIS - Now only $95

Manifold Release 9 for Spatial Engineering

Manifold® Release 9 provides the world's most sophisticated and most powerful GIS, the only GIS that automatically is fully parallel to use all of your computer for dramatically faster performance. Enjoy life with super-fast GIS and. Say good-bye to slow, non-parallel GIS that crashes on big jobs.

  • Parallel Power: Release 9 is built upon Manifold's massively parallel Radian spatial platform, by far the world's richest, fastest and most powerful spatial data engineering engine. Radian technology guarantees phenomenal power and speed even with big data and all with bulletproof reliability.
  • Connect to everything: Manifold works with data from enterprise class DBMS installations, web server data sources, file databases and every format encountered in spatial engineering and GIS.
  • Everything you need for GIS: From all the GIS basics to thousands of capabilities for expert work, you can do almost any GIS task imaginable with ease, power and unmatched accuracy.
  • Explore data: Visualize an unlimited range of tables, vector data, drawings, maps, raster data and images to see data in context with on-the-fly visualization.
  • Superior ETL: Manifold's smooth, totally integrated visualizations, including on-the-fly previews, provide faster, more reliable ETL, with never a mistake from flying blind.
  • Parallel SQL: Manipulate any data, transform it and analyze it using the full power of automatically parallel SQL together with hundreds of spatial engineering functions.
  • Spatial Mastery: Manifold knows more coordinate systems than any other spatial engineering or GIS tool. Whether it is EPSG, custom coordinate systems from legacy GIS, specialized government-sponsored high-precision systems or your own, Manifold knows it all.
  • Superior Data Science: The Radian database engine inside every Manifold installation powers superior data science workflows by combining superior SQL, superior analytics to provide better insights faster, using either point-and-click dialogs or unlimited SQL.
  • Ease of Use: Manifold automates with point-and-click ease what would take decades to program manually, the automatic, optimized parallelization of virtually all functions to multiple CPUs, multiple CPU cores, multiple GPUs and potentially thousands of GPU cores.
  • Lowest cost of ownership: The fastest, most powerful desktop GIS ever created is now also the world's lowest cost GIS: Only $95 for a fully-paid license, and not just a lease or subscription. Get thousands of features with speed and the power to easily handle data that totally crushes any other GIS for incredibly low cost of ownership. More modern technology makes that possible.

Nothing else comes close: No other GIS or spatial tool comes remotely close to the vast range of capabilities, capacity, power, performance and quality Manifold provides at one low price.

Rapid Evolution · Free Updates

Cutting Edge builds of Release 9 issued one or two times a week extend the power and feature set of Release 9 with hundreds of additional features per month. Your Release 9 license enables you to download and utilize all Cutting Edge Release 9 builds to get the very latest upgrades. Cutting Edge builds are open beta builds that allow rapid response to community wishes in Manifold's community-driven engineering process.

Manifold typically issues thousands of improvements at no charge in free updates to licensees. Release 8 included over 5,000 improvements during the product life cycle. Your Release 9 license acquired now will provide access to all free Release 9 updates at full Universal level now and in the future.

Release 9 Home Page

COVID-19 Response

Three Free Activation Keys in 2020 - To support installation on work at home machines, Manifold licenses will automatically qualify for three free additional activation keys in 2020. Additional keys are automatically granted when activation is requested for a license that has run out of keys.

Manifold Release 9 Prices

$95 - Manifold Release 9 Universal - Includes all Release 9 features. Every Release 9 serial number enables 64-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems, 32-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems (used for compatibility when integrating with other software that is limited to 32-bit operation), or 32-bit operation in 32-bit Windows systems. This is a fully paid license and is not a limited time license or a lease. Best buy.

Legacy Bundle - Buy Release 9 together with Manifold System Release 8 for total legacy compatibility:

$175 - Manifold Release 9 Universal + Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - Includes both Manifold Release 9 and Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64. Includes two standard tech support incidents by email.

The best classic GIS ever - Release 8 is the world's best classic GIS providing seamless desktop, enterprise, programming and web serving GIS in totally integrated product:

$95 - Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - All features of the classic Manifold 8.00 product line in a single package, at the best price ever.

"Is there anyplace else in the computer world where such clear, comprehensive help gets written so fast and well? Wonderful! - Manifold user

Release 9 Academic Licenses

New! A generous number of Manifold System Release 9 licenses may be donated at no charge to academic institutions which sponsor the creation of localization files for their national language or for a new language. This is a limited, experimental program. Please contact to participate.

Manifold Viewer

Parallel Viewing and Analysis in a Free Tool

Free product - Manifold Viewer

Manifold Viewer - Free! Enjoy endless viewing and analytic capability using extraordinary technology based on a read-only subset of Manifold Release 9. Although Viewer cannot write projects or save edited data back out to the original data sources, Viewer provides phenomenal capability to view and to analyze almost all possible different types of data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images from thousands of different sources. Manifold Viewer delivers a truly useful, Manifold technology tool you can use for free to experience Manifold power firsthand. Visit the Videos page for spectacular videos of Viewer in action. Start with the Introducing Viewer video. Both Release 9 videos and Viewer videos demonstrate features common to both.

Viewer Home Page

Closer view of high resolution Gulf of Mexico Bathymetry

Above: Click on the image above for a 5000 x 1000 pixel image showing super high resolution bathymetry for the Gulf of Mexico as visualized by Viewer and Manifold. See the YouTube Video as well!

Classic GIS: Manifold Release 8

Three in One at a Bargain Price

Manifold Release 8 is the world's best GIS

Manifold ® System Release 8 delivers a modern Windows GIS product that provides three major classes of GIS functionality in a single package:

  • Desktop: Exceptionally powerful desktop and enterprise GIS for all of your data and GIS needs.
  • Programming: A rich and extensive development environment for custom GIS and Vertical Market applications.
  • Web Server: Enterprise class Internet Map Server for web applications and to publish your results to the Web.

The right mix for you: Manifold Release 8 delivers advanced features to organizations while providing tremendous capabilities at very low cost for individuals. You get everything you need in one package at one low price.

Release 8 Home Page

Professional Quality

There are no short cuts to professional quality. Manifold's full-time, dedicated professional team delivers the ease of use, efficiency and power of the world's most modern GIS software. Nothing else comes close. Manifold saves your time by giving you all capabilities in one, totally organic, seamless package. The best documentation in GIS guides you through Manifold's unified, perfectly integrated interface to put all capabilities at your fingertips. With Manifold there is no need to puzzle through a confusing mix of code and libraries cobbled together from non-Windows interfaces, obsolete technology, different vendors, different companies or amateur websites. No need to buy expensive options or to learn strange, non-Windows modules.

Lowest Cost or Greatest Power?

Phillipines with gradiant map effects seen in Manifold

Manifold Release 8 delivers the best of both worlds in a classic GIS package. Legacy commercial packages like ESRI or MapInfo deliver professional quality and power but cost a fortune to buy and maintain. Their high marketing costs pull resources from development so technology often lags. Freeware packages may be free to download but they can cost you a fortune in labor to work around core limitations and to develop or to integrate what's missing.

Manifold Release 8 combines the low costs of freeware with the unbeatable power and quality of professional GIS by using the latest in modern software engineering. You get by far the best quality in GIS with the most modern, most powerful technology, without spending a fortune or having to play software developer to glue together third party bits and pieces. Don't settle for having to choose between low cost and professional GIS. Get both with Manifold Release 8.

Manifold Release 8 Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition is so inexpensive and so phenomenally powerful that it is the choice for most power users in business, government, academia, nonprofits and even individual enthusiasts. Universal x64 is by far the most powerful and most sophisticated classic desktop GIS ever created at any price. Nothing else comes close. Best buy.

$95 - Release 8 Ultimate x64 Edition combines all Release 8 features for individuals, professionals, and organizational users, plus specialized Administrative capabilities used by administrators in large Enterprises. Allows easy management of Manifold components stored on enterprise-class databases such as IBM DB/2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Includes Batch Export to Oracle and also Administrator Console for enabling user-friendly features such as formatting, preconfigured linking and friendly names. A must have for teams and larger organizations When your organization deploys dozens or hundreds of Manifold licenses and your users will simultaneously view and edit the same data in centralized data stores, administrators use Ultimate Edition to provide greater organizational efficiency with ease of use by non-experts. Everything!

  • Includes development facilities for custom programming.
  • Includes database connectivity plus spatial SQL superior to that found in any DBMS.
  • Includes endless capacity to utilize data from a vast array of file formats, database management systems and web-based data servers.
  • Includes the Manifold Internet Map Server for GIS enabled web sites using HTML, OGC WMS, OGC WFS-T (transaction enabled) and Manifold Image Server.
  • Includes Enterprise class features such as simultaneous, multi-user editing of Enterprise spatial DBMS.
  • Includes Geocoding Tools, Business Tools and Surface Tools extensions.
  • Includes Geocoding Tools, Business Tools and Surface Tools extensions.
  • Includes Administrator Console
  • Includes all Manifold Release 8 features and functions.

Manifold Release 8 Prices

Manifold image server display

Ultimate Edition - Superb GIS and mapping using vector drawings and raster images and surfaces in perfect integration. Includes full spatial SQL, scripting and development facilities plus a vast array of features far beyond any other desktop GIS package. Includes Internet Map Server for GIS enabled web sites using HTML, OGC WMS, OGC WFS-T (transaction enabled) and Manifold Image Servers. Includes Business Tools, Geocoding Tools and Surface Tools extensions. Includes supercomputer speed computations using GPGPU. Provides concurrent, multi-user storage and editing of drawings in a centralized enterprise-class geospatial database using IBM DB/2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, ESRI SDE or Personal Geodatabases and many other DBMS products. Users can reuse and edit drawings, images and other mapping components in the central DBMS without conflicts.

Supports storage of images and surfaces in spatial DBMS (including native support for Oracle GeoRasters) as well as Area of Interest windowing into terabyte-class spatial DBMS data sets. Network fault-tolerant. Writes to .e00, too. Also includes additional shared database administration and configuration tools. Allows easy management of Manifold components stored on enterprise-class databases such as IBM DB/2, Oracle, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Includes Batch Export to Oracle and also Administrator Console for enabling user-friendly features such as formatting, preconfigured linking and friendly names. A must have for teams and larger organizations to supplement Manifold licenses used by most users in the organization (most users normally use Universal Edition). Includes all Release 8 features in a single, highly integrated package

  • $95 - Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - 64-bit version.

Prices above are fully paid licenses and are not annual rentals.

  • All Manifold System products include full programming capabilities - Every license is a "developers edition."
  • All Manifold products run in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, providing full 64-bit power in 64-bit Windows.
  • Buy the products on this page using credit cards on the Online Store.
  • All prices are in US Dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • For advice on what products to buy, please see the What to Buy page.

Manifold products are delivered as a download by Internet. No DVDs or hard copy packages are sent. Downloads provide instant delivery and avoid customs hassles for international buyers. Downloads save the environment as well, with no plastic trash or transportation pollution. Be green. Download today.

Technical Support Products

Support Engineers

Technical support incidents provide direct access to Manifold technical experts for answers to specific questions about Manifold Release 9 or Manifold Release 8. Each incident covers a specific question. All Manifold tech support is paid. A small fee is charged for each tech support incident with a slightly higher fee charged for developer level questions. Some Manifold licenses may include two pre-paid standard incidents to help get you started (low cost products do not). Response times are average responses for business days only, excluding weekends and holidays. Tech support is provided only for the current Manifold release and the current Manifold update for that release.

Support Home Page

$45 - Standard Tech Support Incident - One standard technical support incident. 48 hour response email technical support for interactive features of the current Manifold release up to Personal level features. Excludes support for programming, customization of any kind, web serving, SQL and features for Universal Edition and above.

$195 - Standard Technical Support - Ten standard technical support incidents. 48 hour response email technical support for interactive features of the current Manifold release up to Personal level features. Excludes support for programming, customization of any kind, web serving, SQL and features for Universal Edition and above.

$95 - Developer Tech Support Incident - One developer technical support incident. 48 hour response email developer technical support for all current edition Manifold features.

$495 - Developer Technical Support - Ten developer technical support incidents. 48 hour response email developer technical support contract for all current edition Manifold features.

Service Products

Fee-based services enable assistance with lost serial numbers or provide additional activations over time.

$25 - Limited Key Recovery - This service product orders an attempted recovery and resending of the last Manifold serial number email sent to the given email address. If the given email address is no longer valid or no serial number email has previously been sent to that email address, the key recovery will fail and the $25 fee will not be refunded - it will be retained as a service fee for the labor involved in the recovery attempt. Successful recovery is not guaranteed and may not happen. Please read the Key Recovery Service Instructions before ordering this product to avoid wasting the service fee.


Under some circumstances discounts of up to 50% are available on prepaid orders. Please see the Discounts page for details.

For Google Earth Users

Manifold is the world's finest tool for creating KML / KMZ for display in Google Earth. This is such a popular use of Manifold there's a web page just for Google Earth users! Visit the Manifold Tools for Google Earth page to learn more.

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Manifold software products are licensed, not sold. See the Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information. By ordering Manifold products you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please also review the Licensing page for an important overview of licensing.

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Re-projection on the fly

Manifold will automatically re-project layers as necessary for display in maps. Above a map containing a Bing web-served image from a Manifold imageserver dataport is in pseudo-Mercator projection. The layer above shows terrain elevation data for that portion of Florida as an image, originally in Latitude / Longitude projection but automatically re-reprojected by Manifold to match the pseudo-Mercator coordinate system used by Bing, maintaining perfect geo-registration. Manifold also colored the terrain data on-the-fly with a custom, user-specified palette.

About Manifold

Manifold products deliver quality, performance and value in the world's most sophisticated, most modern and most powerful spatial products for GIS, ETL, DBMS, and Data Science. Total integration ensures ease of use, amazing speed, and unbeatably low cost of ownership, for only $95. Tell your friends!

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